Taj Mahal
Volume 1: Chapter 10


What a splendidly written, illustrated, and produced pair of volumes. I have very much been enjoying dipping in and out of them. As David H. Marks (MIT) says, there is surely potential here for the bestseller list. In terms of approach, scope and coverage there is nothing else quite like it.

Howard Cattermole
Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, London, England

What an immense contribution, quite extraordinary in the true meaning of the adjective! Fine, effortless prose throughout. The plaudits are shaking the windows. Building The World should be in every public library, as well as those of high schools and colleges, universities and as many households.

Josef Erhardy
American Sculptor, Paris, France
Artisan of Fraternité

The books are amazing and impressive. Now that you have built the world, your next challenge can be to show the physicists how to build the universe.

Professor Jay W. Forrester
Germeshausen Professor Emeritus of Management, MIT

Building The World is a fine contribution and very useful. The projects are well chosen and presented in a lively and informative manner. The volumes are both provocative and thoughtful, providing us with a base for thinking about macro projects that can bring people and nations together.

Dr. Hasan-Uddin Khan
Distinguished Professor of Architecture and
Historic Preservation, Roger Williams University,
Former Head of Architectural Activities,
Overseer of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and
the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard and MIT

What a wonderful book! Building The World is a tribute to the role of large-scale infrastructure in the evolution of the world's societies. There is solid scholarship in this book yet it could well make the best-seller list because of its scope and unification of these major projects. Building The World is a great book.

Dr. David H. Marks
Morton and Claire Goulder Family Professor of Civil and Environmental
Engineering and Engineering Systems,
Director, Laboratory for Energy and the Environment, MIT

Building The World brings together in two comprehensive volumes mankind's contributions over centuries. The documents will serve historians interested in architecture and civil engineering. Building The World leaves for future generations a document as impressive as the projects that have been reviewed.

Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh
James Mason Crafts Professor of Civil
and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems,
Director,Technology and Development Program, MIT

A remarkable historical panorama on the major accomplishments of macro-engineering.

Dr. A. George Schillinger
Founding Dean, School of Management,
New York Polytechnic University

A splendid work of scholarship, Building The World will surely do much to advance public understanding and appreciation of macro-engineering and, in so doing will underscore humankind's capacity to accomplish what the majority in society often held to be unachievable.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Stine
Chair Division of Medicine & Science
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution